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The Joe Robert Show

Jan 19, 2021

Joe starts off his first interview of 2021 with Ian Ippolito. Ian Ippolito is the founder and head of an alternative-asset investing club called the Private Investor Club, the founder and editor of the investment analysis website called Which gives investors access to high quality deal flow, detailed due-diligence and special deals that they couldn't on their own. Joe talks with Ian about this private club and how it can help with your deal flow. Going through due diligence with other like minded investors can help with the process. This club can also bring other investment opportunities you may not have found on your own, such as music royalties.... You can reach Ian Ippolito at Connect with Joe Robert: Find him on all social platforms at @JoeMRobert Enjoyed the podcast? Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts and leave a review. We love to hear your feedback and please share this with others who would benefit.