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The Joe Robert Show

Apr 6, 2021

Investing in a Bitcoin Trust may just be the new way to invest in the cryptocurrency space. Greg King CEO of Osprey Funds is going to tell you how his company is making this possible.

  • Joe and Greg chat all about the future of Bitcoin and its current value.
  • How Bitcoin is becoming the New Gold.
  • All you need to know about the Bitcoin Trust
  • How you can save in Taxes by placing your Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency) in you Self Directed IRA Accounts.

Greg founded Osprey Funds in 2018, combining his transformative financial product experience and interest in crypto. Greg is also the Founder & CEO of REX Shares (since 2015). Previously, he Co-founded VelocityShares (2009), which was acquired by Janus in 2014. Greg is an innovator in the field, launching over 100 ETPs including the first ETPs tracking VIX, broad-based commodities, and FANG stocks.

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